Sunday, 6 March 2011

A Few More Details...

OK, so I've kept interest bubbling away semi-covertly for long enough, I reckon. Here're some more details:

Deadline in Q2
The current working deadline is 'late May'. Deadlines are useful, for sure, but this is a pretty loose one. If this didn't happen until June or even July, it wouldn't be the end of the world!

Photos to me
I'll provide everyone with my email address, to send photos of the completed piece to, whenever that time arrives!

Customs to Toy Break
It'd be nice to get all the customs in once place (in the tradition of a physical show) and it'd be great to have 'em featured on an episode of Toy Break - so when they're done, send 'em to George at the Toy Break address (which I'll provide).

Then what?
I've a few ideas with what we might do with the customs once they've all been shown to the world but nothing's set in stone. I'm also open to suggestions. But we shall see!

So who's in?
The list of those involved (and whether or not y'all need a free Metalhead provided) is presently as follows:

If you're not on the list and you want to get involved, let me know!


  1. I'm in for sure but i doubt ill be able to get a hold of a metal head on my own in time.

  2. I have one, so don't send one.

  3. I'll need a MH, can't really buy one where I'm at.