Wednesday, 10 August 2011

All My Best Friends Love No Contact For Months!

Well, OK, they don't - maybe no-one does. But it's been hectic in my life for a while, like it or not! And I sure didn't. Mostly. Some of it was fun. And hey, it keeps things interesting. But I digress.... 


It's been rather a while without much word from me - so for that, I do apologise. I'm a harsh inconsiderate motherfucker but it's nothing personal. I love you guys. Well, apart from Charles Marsh, he's almost as bad as me! ;-)

Anyway, to business. Hopefully those of you who finished your Metalheads months ago can dust them off in the next couple of weeks. And those of you who still haven't, don't despair! I'm now back in let's-get-this-baby-going mode so updates will be often and rambling. And if you're someone who I've said I'd get a Metalhead over to, I just sorted it all out so they're on their way. 

All of your patience is vastly appreciated.

And so it is (with much preamble) that I welcome you back to this, the official unofficial All My Best Friends Are Metalhead online custom show, brought to you in association with October Toys and Toy Break

So, first order of business: how's everyone's September looking for a final, actual, due date for this baby?


  1. I've only got maybe an hour or two of painting left on mine so let's hope even my lazy ass can manage that in a month.

  2. I can finish by September too.

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